• Just What is Scopione?

    Scopione BMW 3 Series Carbon Fiber Shift
    First of all, not all carbon fiber products are created EQUAL. Carbon fiber products are composed of two materials: resin and fabric. Good carbon fiber products should only be made with epoxy resin and three layers of carbon fiber fabric. Scopione carbon fiber products are made only with epoxy resin and carbon fiber fabric. Cheap and brittle carbon fiber uses polyester resin, which has a blue finish, instead of a clear finish and it is inflexible which means it will crack easily, and only one or two layers of carbon fiber. We strive to provide the highest quality of product for our customers and only use the best material available.
  • Taking Care of Carbon Fiber

    Scopione Carbon Fiber - Auto Parts and Accessories
    As the saying goes, if you take care of your car and it will take care of you. Well this goes as well for the parts you put on your car. Carbon Fiber is not just a regular material; it’s a unique material that needs carrying to make sure it keeps its shine, just like your cars paint does. You can always count on radiant heat energy, acid rain, UV radiation, the elements such as the road salt, atmospheric pollution, insect residue, tree resin/sap, wind-blown dust, dirt, grime and everyone’s favorite bird excrement are just some of the things that attack your vehicles finish on a daily basis. Our Carbon fiber products that have a clear coat/gel coat, we recommend waxing it periodically. To keep the finish of our carbon fiber products looking brand new, we highly recommend waxing our parts (and your automotive ), which includes UV protection that has no abrasives in it. Just like paint, without a sacrificial barrier your paint will dry out (oxidize) and crack, be smart and protect your investment, with just a wax on, wax off type of deal.
  • You desire it, we create it!

    Have you ever seen a carbon fiber part that you just had to have and then found out that it was a custom job? You probably wrote it off as being too expensive or involved. Well, have we got great news for you! We now offer custom carbon fiber fabrication. We can turn any exterior or interior part you desire into beautiful carbon fiber art. Have a picture? Great! Send it over. Have an idea in your head? Great! We would love to hear it. The process is easy to start, just use the contact form located below in the footer to let us know you're interested in a custom carbon fiber creation and we will take care of the rest.